Mechanical Service Options

Minor Tune-Up ($65.00)

  • Adjust brakes and derailleurs
  • safety check on all bolts, clamps and suspecsion pivots
  • adjust all bearing surfaces (hubs, bb, headset)
  • lubricate all cables and chain
  • check and true rims of wheels
  • wipe down bike

major Tune-up ($99.00)

The service options offered in our minor tune-up plus all the following:

  • cleaning and lubricating all drivetrain components
  • extensive cleaning of frame and wheels
  • extensive front and rear wheel true - including dishing, tension & vertical runout (hop)

Pro Level Tune Up or Frame Swap ($220.00)

All of the same thorough service you get with a Major tune-up with the addition of:

  • checking frame alignment
  • replace cables and housing
  • rewrap and replace grips (if necessary)
  • replace brake pads (if necessary)
  • clean and inspect all bearing surfaces and replace as needed

Wheel service

  • tire/tube replacement, flat fix or tubeless recharge: $10.00 plus parts
  • tubeless system install: $25.00
  • wheel build: $65.00
  • wheel true: $20.00
  • spoke replacement: $30.00

Drivetrain& Brakes

  • minor adjustments (derailleurs, brakes, headset, bottom brcker, hubs): $15.00/each
  • install brake or derailleur cable: $20.00
  • install hydraulic brake: $60.00
  • straighten derailleur hanger: $20.00
  • install chain or cassette: $10.00
  • bleed hydraulic brakes: $80.0/hour